What education professionals say about Dr. Brian Gander’s leadership…

“Brian worked hard with our Board to assure we got trained on how to be effective leaders. We had sessions on conducting meetings in an efficient & productive way, conducting superintendent evaluations and following OSBA policy guidelines. Our Board meetings were still not as easy as we would like, but they run smoother and we got things done.”


“Brian has provided effective leadership in major program areas that require a strong background in fiscal management, personnel issues, knowledge of state and federal mandates and the ability to work effectively with others and supervise staff.”


“Dr. Gander has done a remarkable job as Superintendent, K-6 Principal of a 300 student school, Business Manager, and Maintenance Director. Brian has started a district (two- school) PTO organization that we have been lacking for years, led negotiations for a new labor contract with our association, and has worked hard to bring our budget difficulties under control.”


“Brian is an excellent leader; he was central in developing our district vision, mission, and guiding beliefs. He has led the board to use these documents to inform our goal setting, budgeting and instructional program decisions. Brian has worked with our board to assure we are trained on how to be effective leaders. He has encouraged us to grow, we have had sessions on conducting meetings in an efficient and productive way, conducting superintendent evaluations and following policy guidelines.”


“During the time spent at Jewell, Dr. Gander successfully initiated a new vision, with collaboration from all stakeholders, this included multi-age classrooms and differentiated instruction. This was a significant change for our district but he facilitated profound training opportunities for our teachers that created confidence in the transition.”

“Brian’s commitment to and compassion for his educational community is evident in each of his communications. He meets daily challenges with an assuring calm, grace and optimism. Brian quickly gained my confidence by providing a clear vision and opening his door whenever needed.”

“While Brian Gander served as our principal at Pringle he was not only a force that guided academics and school improvement but was also passionate about making our Pringle community a better place. If it was good for kids, Brian helped to make it happen. He was often found after hours around the school upgrading or repairing computers, building shelves, helping to chair a committee, working to improve our schools appearance, meeting with concerned parents, participating in school plays, and of course supporting his staff.”

“With all of the work that needed to be done, each job was definitely a full time position. As superintendent he; practiced conservative and fiscal budget management, negotiated an expired labor contract with the associations, managed challenging facilities as the director of maintenance and developed a new transportation plan, all while operating as a full time elementary principal to a newly created school that required the melding of two distinct school cultures into one building. He was diligent in his commitment to being an on-site principal. He accepted all of these assignments with professionalism and dedication.

“Brian has been able take the helm of a once struggling school and set a clear course for success. This vision is evident in his decision to increase curricular offerings while maintaining a healthy budget and reversing a trend of downward enrollment figures. He has taken a school disenfranchised from its community and healed a rift that threatened to destroy both the community and the school.”

What professionals say about Dr. Brian Gander’s education experience…

“Dr. Gander’s remarkable success with curriculum growth is built upon his ability to blend developmental knowledge with appropriate pedagogy. His knowledge of cognitive science from brain research to learning styles is evident in all his work. I have witnessed the very positive manner in which he blends his formal academic training with his real world experience to improve instructional practices as well as the larger community.”

“Brian’s commitment to student achievement has provided Rolling Hills with an academic honors program for student recognition. At both schools he has given achievement a high priority and gives all students who work hard a place of recognition and honor.”

“Brian filled an immediate need in his abilities to get on top of the curriculum and student evaluation needs of our district. His leadership in the use of data driven decision-making has carried us a long ways. We have finalized a complete make over of our K-8 instruction program, implemented a rigorous advanced placement program in our high school, and are finalizing our district assessment practices.”

“As Associate Director his main work was in the development of an English as a Second Language instructional framework that would support our students English language acquisition over the three years they attend JNFLSIC. During his time Dr. Gander also improved the foundation of our overall curriculum. He brought in more courses from the College Board and improved our Cambridge A-Level English language instructional materials. His staff development training and mentoring of teachers will be greatly missed.”

“Brian brought to Pringle an insight and understanding of the importance of collecting and interpreting appropriate data to create and measure student growth. It was through committee’s, staff meetings, team time and grade level time that Brian helped our school to define cross curricular guidelines and goals that both incorporated not only our state and district guidelines but also our own personal school expectations. He both encouraged and supported collegial sharing, team time and helped to facilitate grade level, team and staff requests. The bottom line for Brian Gander is if it is good for kids he will help to make it happen.”

“At Jewell, Brian has demonstrated his expertise in core curriculum, teaching strategies and the use of data to make programmatic decisions. As a result, the Jewell school district is back on track regarding academic performance. Through his leadership, sound research based practices have become a part of the Jewell school district culture and students are benefitting.”

What education professionals say about Dr. Brian Gander’s cultural competency…

“Brian has built trust and confidence in his abilities with all his colleagues and community. He is an intelligent and thoughtful leader, committed to excellence and the hard work it takes to accomplish challenging goals.”

“Placing students first was foremost in his decision making process. He worked with parents and community members to value their input and ultimately establish processes that included all members of the school community. As a result of this process he worked with the parents at both schools to develop a parent teacher organization.”

“In this role, Brian demonstrated dynamic leadership in his involvement and an ability to pull differing perspectives into a common focus that has impacted student academic success at Pringle.”

“He is very visible in his community and I doubt if there is a student, staff member, or community member that Brian doesn’t know and hasn’t helped in some way. He is a good listener and will always acknowledge the ideas and accomplishments of others.”

“His ability to bring a staff together, help teachers improve their instructional skills and to maintain their focus and morale, even in trying economic times, has never been more evident.”

“In all the work that I have done with Brian he has been very open to ideas and he creates a collaborative working relationship with the people he comes in contact with on a daily basis. Brian has built and maintained strong and trusting relationships among key people within his school district as well as throughout Clatsop County and the state.”