The opportunity to lead and evaluate a variety of programs while developing my leadership skills is a critical part of my experiences. Understanding the nuances of state, federal, and locally developed programs can make the difference for the diverse students we serve, especially in small and rural districts.

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Special Education Director

As a Special Educator Director in three districts I have develop strengths in program review, maintenance of effort, Part B budgeting and teacher evaluation. I have experience with a variety of programs, from learning resource rooms, to emotionally disturbed clinical partnerships, and specialized autistic programs.

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Federal Programs

The variety of programs that support districts and specific schools has been a wealth of training. Knowing how to access homeless student funds or to ensure proper coding of students for weighting in ADM counts are critical skills for effective program administration.

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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Working in a variety of rural and urban schools in California and Oregon as well as my time spent in China and Colombia have afforded me diverse opportunities to learn a segment of language instruction that was not part of my teacher or administrative training programs.