Having been an educator in four countries, I possess the skills necessary to interact effectively among many cultures. Valuing all individuals for who they are; understanding what makes them who they are, and communicating effectively with them allows for each individual to feel respected and valued. These experiences have given me new insights into my work in the variety of schools I have served here at home.

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Middle East

The opportunity to work in a culturally diverse and well established private school was one I could not pass up. UAS is an opportunity to experience and contribute to a learning organization that has well established institutional practices, yet its programs are open to creative solutions to persistent challenges.

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South America

Young and adventurous I took a job in Colombia South America, my inability to speak Spanish was not going to deter me. Who knew I would find my wife in Colombia, funny thing since she grew up 90-miles from my home in Oregon.

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Jinan, Shandong
Peoples Republic of China

A chance to get the inside scoop on how our largest economic rival educates their children could not be passed up. I had to see how hundred’s of millions students and teachers approached their day in the classroom.

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The Gambia
West Africa

You could call it a restless itch. Leaving my graduate position to go halfway around the world to teach in a health clinic was not what I had envisioned, but its practical influence made my return to graduate school more meaningful.