School Districts

The challenge of being a school superintendent was a goal I set for myself when becoming an administrator. I wanted to work closely with the public, principals, and teachers while staying connected to the students for whom I was hired to advocate. Blending these goals with my value to serve has pushed me towards small districts. Each of the four districts I have served has presented their own set of challenges, and taught me the humility of working on behalf of others.

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Jewell School District

Jewells’ students were successful because of our willingness to put students first, visit other schools to see how we could challenge ourselves, and take a close look at our curriculum to maximize student experiences. We were successful in moving to multi-age classrooms because of a commitment to look outside of our traditions to meet financial goals.

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Long Creek School District

I served the Long Creek school board and as Superintendent and Principal of the K-12 school, Special Education Director, and Federal Programs/Grants Director, Athletic Director and staff development coordinator. It was my first exposure to multi-age classrooms and driving a school bus. What a great place to begin my superintendent career; an experience I will always look upon fondly.

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Reedsport School District

I was working in China when the Reedsport school board hired me. My position was .60FTE superintendent and .20FTE as Special Education Director. When I arrived I found the district was quite different from what was presented during the recruitment and interview process. I arrived with a great deal to overcome, but the community was full of gracious people who worked hard for their children.

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Santiam Canyon School District

The Santiam Canyon communities were in transition after the contentious closure of its’ Gates Elementary School. The district was losing its business manager, their long-time superintendent resigned suddenly, and a principal had been released. I was preparing to work overseas, but agreed to be their superintendent and elementary principal and help them get their district organized.