Honors + Grants



Early Learning Hub Steering Committee

South Coast Early Learning Hub


Board Member

REEF (Reedsport Education Enrichment Foundation)

May 2015

Quancheng Friendship Award

Jinan City Municipal People’s Government, for distinguished service to education at the Jinan Foreign Language School, China

2011 to 2013


Oregon Small School Association

2007 to 2013

Executive Board Member

Region 1 & 3, Legislative Council Representative, Oregon Small School Association

2010 to 2012


Clatsop County Superintendent Group, NWRESD

2009 to 2012

CASCO League Delegate

Oregon Scholastic Athletic Association

2008 to 2013

Quality Education Model Best Practices Commission

Oregon Schools Review Team studying economic efficiencies related to academic outcomes.

2006 to 2007

President Western Region

Oregon Elementary School Principal Association

2005 to 2006

School Site Evaluation Committee

State of Oregon

2002 to 2003

OESPA & OSSPA Summer Department Conference Planning Committee

Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

2002 to 2007

Member – Staff and Parish Relations

First United Methodist Church, Salem, OR

1997 to 2000

Education Team, Community Task Force Member

Almaden Hills First United Methodist Church, San Jose, CA



Small Rural School Achievement Grants

Technology innovation for instructional settings: Purchasing equipment for V-Tel Spanish Language, NWRESD ORVID course streaming, and OSU synchronous course instruction. These varied approaches targeted the improvement of students’ opportunities in three districts from 2008-2012.


Woodmansee Art Foundation Grant

The grant funded the development of Pringle’s Sesquicentennial Mural Project. The mural was the students’ expression of Pringle over its 150-years of service to the south Salem community. A local arts council supported an artist in residence approach in which our students designed three scenes of Pringle’s school for a 30-foot outdoor mural. The students made ceramic 4 by 4-inch tiles, painted their portion of the scene on the tiles and fired and glazed them. The mural became a center piece of the school’s 150 year celebration and is currently displayed on the front of the school.


Community Foundation of Silicon Valley Grant

Lynhaven Elementary worked alongside Partners in Print to develop a parent-training program for at home reading targeted to support parents of students who were second language learners. The Community Foundation of Silicon Valley grant sponsored a variety of evening reading events that helped parents understand how to work with their children in one-to-one reading in their homes. Part of the funding went to helping parents establish home libraries for their children.


California Department of Education #1510 Grant

We developed a grant for the support of our 7th and 8th grade students in completing our eighth grade culminating project. The culminating project was used to evaluate our students’ mastery of English Language Arts standards in writing, public speaking and research using a project theme of their choice. We establish a video lab where students could practice public speaking skills with green screen backgrounds. Where were able to leverage the video lab for running our morning broadcast of Eagles Announcement.