A Proven Leader

A proven leader who builds cohesive organizations by engaging communities in implementing shared visions of effective teaching and learning.

Diverse Experience

A leader whose diverse experiences as a superintendent, principal, program director, teacher and presenter who is prepared to lead a learning community towards a shared vision of excellence.


Focused Leadership

A leader focused on all employees growth through developing collaborative relationships, high expectations and mutual accountability.

Effective Communicator

An effective communicator, with the ability to work with key community leaders and collaborate with education stakeholders for the benefit of all.


Leadership of a district, learning community or program is a tremendous responsibility that should be undertaken with humility and integrity. To achieve the goals of fostering safe / supportive schools, effective communication, developing high quality programs, assuring fiscal stability, and supporting quality staff development requires a focus towards supporting others.


As an educator, I view the application of knowledge as being equally important as the acquisition of knowledge. K-12 educational programs have to guarantee rigor in the foundations of each field of study, provide application based learning experiences and assure equal access to participate in those same fields of study. Secondly, the social context of our schools has to profess the cultural values of the community while stretching its members to think broadly and inclusively.


Developed through a variety of experiences my cultural competency is the result of many years of work and inquiry. In my life and work experiences I have learned the skills necessary to interact successfully amongst many cultures. Through practices of being a focused listener, developing patience to think before acting, and keeping an open mind I have learned many fascinating things about the cultures we live amongst.